FEES 2020-2021

Studio Inspiratie is open for 37 weeks during 10 months from September through June. The tuition fees will be calculated from registration date. Payment is automatic and will be processed once per semester. Registration is until further notice, cancellation preferably by e-mail taking one month’s notice into account. If applicable, tuition will be restituted. A one-off registration fee* of €15,- is charged with registration after the trial period and the payment authorization form needs to be handed in.

Introductory lessons €12,- & Registration Form
Adults: 2 lessons


Dance Lesson 75 minutes Modern € 37/month
Pilates or Yoga € 45/month
D0uble Deal 2xpweek Dance/Pilates/Yoga €60/month
Single lesson (one time only) € 15

Private Pilates or Yoga lesson 45 minutes
Footwork Pilates 45 minutes

€ 62,50
Introductory course Pilates or Mindfulness
3 ind. lessons 60 minutes
€ 220

Dance Therapy and Coaching

Dance therapy and Coaching for individuals is also possible in English. Therapy and coaching begins with an intake session followed by 5 therapy or coaching sessions. 

Intake   €50,-
Sessions  €80,-

Please contact Annemieke directly for more information.

Team Coaching, Team Building and 'Rots en Water' Training

Team coaching, team building and 'Rots en Water' training are also offered in English. Studio Inspiratie will make a customized project plan for your team, organization or school.

For more information, please contact Annemieke directly.

Try-Out Lessons and Registration

Would you like to come and dance? Contact Studio Inspiratie at Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. to set up your first try-out lesson.

  • Try-outs are possible for the reduced fee of €12,- for all regular weekly classes. Sign up using either the online form (in Dutch) or the registration form (download in English). 
  • Try out for 2 lessons in 2 consecutive weeks.
  • The try-out fee of €12,- is paid in cash at the first lesson, and please read the Terms and Conditions! 
  • During the try-out period, your registration is preliminary and non-committal.

If you decide to continue after the introductory lessons, please hand in the payment authorization form (download in English) at the first lesson after the trial period to make your registration final. Try-outs are not possible for Specials nor for coaching or therapy. Please contact Studio Inspiratie if you want more information.

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06 108 999 02

Brouwersgracht 2K, Den Haag


Op de Brouwersgracht bij 2k (naast stichting Yasmin) het steegje in, uitlopen tot op de binnenplaats. De studio is bij 2K op de 1e etage in de Barthkapel.

Dansen is Leven!

Body & Mind Centrum voor Moderne Dans, Pilates, Yoga, Danstherapie en Mindful Coaching